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Visual Search Solutions

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Our visual search solutions enable consumers to discover what they are looking for using just images for their search.

Search Solution
Visual Search

Our drop-in widgets can be easily integrated into your website to provide visual search capabilities to your e-commerce site or customer service application. Your customers can now search your product catalog using an image from the web or their mobile phone.

Visual Service Assistant

If your customer service or field service team deals with product identification issues, we can easily incorporate visual search into your support site to increase self-service rates and reduce call resolution times. Imagine if a customer or field service agent can identify and receive support for your products using just a mobile image. We can train our machine learning models to be able to successfully identify your products from customer images.

Visual Recommendations

Whether it’s helping your customers find the perfect product using our visually similar recommendations or offering cross-sell opportunities using our motivational recommendations, our solutions can help drive engagement, conversion, and cart value.

Visual Foresight

Learn which products are trending, hot styles, colors, finishes, and price ranges. Visually analyze the home furnishings landscape, fashion trends, and popular items.



Discover reusable AI assets

Visually label various data types

Build, deploy and monitor AI models



Realize the potential of AI and ML

Rapid delivery of prototypes

ML Solutions Deployment at scale

Fully managed service

Analytics, Cloud Native Services

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