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Making AI Easy

Expedite your AI initiatives for a faster ROI



Realize the potential of AI and ML

Rapid delivery of prototypes

ML Solutions Deployment at scale

Fully managed service

Analytics, Cloud Native Services

An Integrated AI Ecosystem

Manage complete AI lifecycle with ease

01 / Discover

Discover from a variety of assets to jump-start your AI project. The AI hub provides a rich collection of artifacts that your project may need - industry AI starter kits, datasets, notebooks, pre-trained models, deployment-ready solutions & pipelines. Get access to the best resources from external parties, or created by your organization.

02 / Prepare

Prepare and manage your data for model training. Collect, organize, tag, or select features, and prepare datasets for training with simple drag and drop UI. Collaborate with multiple team members to tag large datasets. Implement a quality control process to ensure dataset quality.


03 / Train

Build models with simple clicks using the model wizards. No data science knowledge required. The system selects the best models for the problem and optimizes their training parameters. Advanced users, however, can fine-tune the models and their hyper-parameters.


04 / Deploy & Monitor

One-click deployment to production inference environments. Support for on-premise, cloud, and serverless deployment architectures. The models are ready to use with automatically generated APIs ready to be plugged into your operations. Monitor model usage and performance from dashboards.


Centralize management of your AI models with the TD HUB. Gain access to certified,

pre-trained and retrainable models for your industry

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An enterprise repository of AI resources - models, datasets, algorithms, and more. Discover, share, reuse.


Make AI Easy

We are a team of data scientists and technologists focused on bringing enterprise-scale Artificial Intelligence capabilities into the hands of AI novices - the business users and subject matter experts who have little to no data science and technology expertise. 

From AI Content to pre-built models, our vision is to become one-stop AI shop for Business


AI as a Service

Minimize your AI infrastructure investment and expedite your go-to-market with our AI as a Service offering.

AI Accelerators

Our No Code AI Platform simplifies and expedites model development and deployment. Our Industry Solution Packs accelerate AI adoption by providing pre-built ML models for different industries.


About Us



Major telematics and automotive IOT solutions provider uses Machine Learning to monetize telematics and mobile data to build an enhanced m-commerce/ in-car commerce products


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