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Retail and E-commerce Solutions

From supply chain management, inventory optimization, forecasting, and store monitoring to customer behavior tracking and targeted promotions, AI has transformed retail business in many ways.  


Demand Forecasting

Mining data from marketplace, consumer, and competition AI models can make proactive recommendations for a company’s marketing, merchandising, and business strategies.

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Sales and Marketing

Machine learning models for dynamic pricing, product bundling, and buy recommendations can create significant revenue uplift.  



Personalize user experience with personalized product recommendations, targeted promotions, and dynamic content generation models.

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Intelligent PIM

Our AI models for product classification, content normalization, de-duping and re-writing can automate the entire PIM lifecycle, reduce costs and improve compliance and accuracy.


Visual Curation

Computer vision models can help customers discover new or related products using image-based search and analysis — curating recommendations based on aesthetic and similarity


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