Accounting Documents

Natural language processing and generation

Sentiment analysis, entity and attribute extraction, text interpretation and more ..

All solutions support easy customization and re-training on new datasets with simple UI interfaces


Sentiment analysis

Extract aspect based sentiments from blocks of texts. Analyze customer feedback, product and service reviews and social media sentiments.

Question answering

An automated question answering system that feeds off a collection of documents such as Wikipedia, corporate knowledgebases or internal and external-facing documents



Dynamically generate natural language content to populate reports and documents based on data from different sources and ensure quality and compliance of documents.

Entity & attributes


Extract entities of interest and their associated attributes from text documents. Analyze financial documents, product reviews, customer emails, social media, news clips...

Document summarization

Summarize and extract information from large documents. Identify key aspects, themes and summary information. Generate summary reports and presentations.


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