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An AI Enabled Labeling Platform

Manage and automate your data preparation

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The quality of labeling drives the quality of models. Using automation, distributing the labeling tasks across teams, and controlling quality can drastically reduce the time to deploy.


  • Collect data from multiple sources

  • Labeling support for images, videos and documents

  • Distribute labeling tasks across distributed team members

  • Outsource your labeling tasks

  • Ensure quality with the audit and review process

  • Create multiple training datasets from a common set of labelled images

  • Use auto labeling feature to reduce labeling effort by up to 70%



Discover reusable AI assets

Visually label various data types

Build, deploy and monitor AI models



Realize the potential of AI and ML

Rapid delivery of prototypes

ML Solutions Deployment at scale

Fully managed service

Analytics, Cloud Native Services

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