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Object detection and tracking solutions

Identify, locate and track objects of interest in images or live video feeds

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Solution Highlights


  • Pre-trained base models

  • Retrain on your datasets for new object types with easy to use Intuitive User training interface

  • End-2-End Solution for training, deployment, and inference

    • Simplified training for operators

    • Easy deployment

  • Widgets and APIs to integrate into your existing systems

Solutions customizable for different use cases


  • Surveillance & security

  • Hazard detection

  • Insurance – photo inspection, damage detection, and estimation 

  • Work floor monitoring

  • Store foot-traffic analysis

  • Parking lot monitoring

  • Warehouse or store shelf monitoring

  • Manufacturing quality checks



Discover reusable AI assets

Visually label various data types

Build, deploy and monitor AI models



Realize the potential of AI and ML

Rapid delivery of prototypes

ML Solutions Deployment at scale

Fully managed service

Analytics, Cloud Native Services

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