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Retail and E-commerce Solutions

From supply chain management, inventory optimization, forecasting, and store monitoring to customer behavior tracking and targeted promotions, AI has transformed retail business in many ways.  


Demand Forecasting

Mining data from marketplace, consumer, and competition AI models can make proactive recommendations for a company’s marketing, merchandising, and business strategies.


Product bundling

The model identifies the product bundles based on purchase patterns of various users


Product recommendation

The model provides product recommendations to users based on their past purchases and activity on the website.


Missed buys

Surface items to customers that they missed adding to their cart or their current purchase based on their past purchase patterns


Visual Curation

Computer vision models can help customers discover new or related products using image-based search and analysis — curating recommendations based on aesthetic and similarity


Product Classification

Automatically classify the product into a correct hierarchy based on the product description. Improves quality and consistency of Product data.


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