Computer Vision Solutions

Process and analyze images and videos in real-time.

Apply computer vision to augment or automate security, surveillance, retail, manufacturing and other service operations.


Object detection

Identify, tag, count and capture objects of interest and their properties from images or live video feeds. Classify images based on object categories.


Activity detection

Process live video frames to detect activities across multiple frames and identify threats, risks, work activity compliance, suspicious actions, humans in distress and more.

Multi Object tracking

Track one of more targets in live video streams. Ability to mark targets and track them across different video streams and time frames.


Obstacle detection

Wires and towers are major hazards for UAVs, especially at night. ​Obstacle detection models can process IR videos to detect and alert of potentially hazards while flying.

Visual search

Use image matching to search through digital content, product catalogues, inventories and stocks. Enable visual search capabilities in your ecommerce sites.


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